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John Young

Managing Director

Young Engineering Consultancy Services

In 1994, John Young founded YECS in the UAE to provide specialist construction services for problems with reinforced concrete and steel construction specific to the Middle East. John has working in the region since 1983, after nearly a decade working in quality assurance and quality control for road construction and reinforced concrete and structural steel bridges in the UK. John’s extensive experience managing materials testing laboratories for concrete, steel, asphalt, and earthworks in Kuwait, Turkey, and the UAE highlighted the contrast between the climates of the regions and it was clear that reinforced concrete deteriorated more rapidly in the Middle East. Early construction in the region often utilized American and European design codes and standards, which are based on temperate climates, and these standards were not appropriate for the harsh environment of the Middle East. Premature failure of reinforced concrete structures in the Middle East is a major problem which YECS was founded to solve.

Since its formation, YECS has been at the forefront of forensic investigation, using a wide range of tests to diagnose structural defects. YECS has participated in conferences held by the Bahrain Society of Engineers and other organizations, since the early 1990’s, and have worked with industry professionals working in the Middle East and organizations such as ; Dubai Municipality, UK Concrete Society and CIRIA on concrete construction durability.

To offer the highest quality and more cost-effective service to their clients, YECS stay abreast of current technical developments. YECS has access to several databases and technical reference sources and has accumulated a wealth of technical literature related to construction in the Middle East.

YECS also continue learning through relationships with contractors, material suppliers, applicators, and manufacturers, whilst remaining independent and impartial regarding specific products and services.

YECS ethos is to ensure Sustainable Structural Solutions

YECS offers structural and materials engineering services tailored for reinforced concrete and steel structures in the harsh climate of the Middle East.

Our independent and impartial survey, condition assessment, analysis, and design services ensure that our clients keep their assets in optimal condition, extend their service lives, and control maintenance costs.

YECS specialises in providing services to the construction, real estate, and property management business sectors for:

  • Structural Survey & Repairs

  • Building Forensics & Refurbishment

  • Structural Design & Strengthening

  • Durability Engineering

YECS experienced engineers inspect, survey, assess damage, create customized repair solutions, and oversee the repair and refurbishment works.

YECS also evaluate structural designs for potential flaws and advise clients on durability measures to prevent premature deterioration.

YECS capabilities apply to all reinforced concrete or steel structure, including: low and high-rise buildings for commercial, residential, industrial, and other uses and bridges, marine structures, power stations, and other infrastructure.



YECS provide expert, independent, and impartial advice on structural design and durability, based on over 30 years of experience with steel and concrete construction in the Middle East.

That means we...

  • Apply a forensic approach to diagnose the root cause of structural failure or damage and find the most cost-effective repair strategy.

  • Provide unbiased 3rd party opinion and design recommendations for both new buildings and structures undergoing refurbishment.

  • Utilize state-of-the-art software for structural analysis and design.

  • Model the deterioration process to accurately predict service life in the harsh Middle East climate.

  • Enhance structural durability using specialist materials and techniques for waterproofing and protection.

  • Manage the work of contractors during the restoration process to minimize disruption to building owners and operators.

  • Maintain close ties with construction industry stakeholders, such as the statutory authorities, professional associations, and material suppliers.

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