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Apartment Building

YECS has extensive experience of damage evaluation and developing repair solutions for reinforced concrete that has suffered serious distress or deterioration that compromises the safety and serviceability of all buildings types and structures.

Structural Surveys & Repairs

Specific services over more than a 30 year period have covered :


  • Building condition surveys to identify dilapidation and maintenance and repair requirements and costing

  • Fire damage to steel or reinforced concrete structures

  • Impact damage to steel or reinforced concrete structures

  • Blast damage to steel or reinforced concrete structures

  • Cracking in architectural finishes, settlement, movement and structural distress at expansion joints or bearing pad issues in bridges and buildings

  • Cracking and de-bonding of screeds on suspended or ground concrete slabs

  • Cementitious patch repair techniques, such as hand-applied mortar, spray concrete, and poured or pumped micro-concrete

  • Survey, assessment and recommendations for repair of cracking in concrete block walls

  • Treatment of leakage by crack injection, crystalline waterproofing and curtain wall grouting

  • Recommendations for precast concrete and stone cladding on buildings with safety issues due to corrosion of embedded steel reinforcement, cracking, movement, or other structural distress.

  • As-built surveys using 3D laser scan technology for the preparation of architectural, structural and MEP drawings

  • Marine Structures Survey, Assessment & Repair

  • Bridge Structures Survey, Assessment & Repairs

  • Building Settlement, Survey Assessment & Recommendations

  • Survey, Assessment & Recommendations  for Prolonged Exposure of paused construction

  • Concrete and Steel Destructive and non-destructive testing


YECS also has a proven success in the project management and supervision of contractors during the repair and refurbishment works.

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