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Building Construction
Structural Design & Strengthening

Structural design checks and evaluation of structural performance of buildings over time 

Structural design checks and evaluation of structural performance over time for​:

  • Buildings under construction, where there is concern about the structural adequacy in serviceability limit states, such as deflection or cracking

  • Existing buildings, to ensure structural adequacy prior to refurbishment, additional architectural finishes, change of use, or significant addition of weight (e.g. heavy equipment, document storage, water tanks)

  • Concern on the effect of cracking or spalling of concrete on the structural capacity

Development and implementation of appropriate strengthening solutions, including:

  • Designs for enhancement with micro-concrete, additional structural steelwork, or carbon fibre strengthening of columns, beams, and slabs

  • Load testing recommendations, including methods, witnessing, and verification

Feasibility studies, design review, and recommendations for special structures and features, such as:

  • Vibration susceptibility analysis for lightweight, slender structures that may require damping

  • Reinforced concrete swimming pools, lakes and water features for different layouts, depths, and ground/support conditions

  • Addition of elevators, solar panels and other facilities or equipment to buildings

  • Concrete block work wall designs and specifications

  • Roof and wall profiled metal cladding, decorative cladding, fascia stone, or precast concrete cladding

Development of method statements with design criteria, assumptions and advice for structural load testing to assure adequacy and integrity when information on structural materials is limited.

Structural design to established national and international codes and standards for:

  • Reinforced Concrete

  • Structural Steel

  • Timber

  • GRP

Development of Temporary Works designs and Construction Methodology for special / large and complex buildings and structures.

Where there are concerns over the structural adequacy due to design deficiencies, design changes, change of use of the building, defective materials or improper construction establishing the appropriate Strengthening Design;

  • CFRP

  • Section Enhancement with micro-concrete

  • Supplementary Structural Steelwork framing or support


Carrying out technical Feasibility Study and costing for Structural Modification such as the addition of staircases, escalators, elevators

Structural analysis design and detailing for different types of cladding on building walls and roofs including metal standing seam sections, single skin and composite aluminium sandwich panels, GRP, GRC

Third Party Design Reviews on all types of buildings and structures

Value Engineering to review the structural form, materials and details on buildings and structures to provide more economic construction.

Excavation Shoring survey Assessment and design review where the building construction has been paused.

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